Sunday, 2 August 2009

Interlude II

The two birds flew on, the small black bird leading the way, towards the sunset. She seemed to know where she was going while the gull had no clue and meekly followed on. They were two vivid smudges of monochrome against the grey brooding clouds, one white, one black.

Twilight saw them arrowing down towards an island where a rude heap of stones glinted as light escaped from within. Dark crowded round the stones, as if trying to see inside and hid the birds from view. Two voices could be heard talking within far into the night.


  1. Oh Rose.... lovin it already... and sort of feel proud for you too... go for it girl.... write to your hearts content, (you're good at it too, lol) xx

  2. Thank you Suzi! Lovely to see you here, been missing you!