Friday, 20 May 2011

Love Goes Deep

Sally knew the way of such things and she knew that tonight was a special night and she knew how to open the door to what lay beneath. She only hoped that Tom would trust her.

He keened into the wind, the sad call of the sea gull echoing her sorrow and she knew he was concerned for her. She could still feel him, feel his love. She led him aimlessly in circles, out to sea and back again, waiting.

The sun set and slowly the world turned to darkness as the last of it's light drained down through the waves.

Then the moon rose full above the sea, bright silver in the dark, so bright so full. Like a mother, pregnant and full and then her heart ached, for she knew what she had done by choosing to cross over in to the spirit world as she had and her cry joined Tom's and she dove for the silver path in the sea.

The sea gull flew after the storm petrel, desperately, and disappeared beneath the calm surface.

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