Friday, 20 May 2011

Love Lost

Sally tumbled to the floor with Tom at her side, freed from their bird forms in an instant. Whatever door they had tumbled through had closed behind them in an instant and they lay panting on the floor. Tom's look was one of shock as he realised what sort of a place he was in.

Half sea cave, deep with in the ocean. He watched the fish swim by the strange plants and all in such bright colours. He realised that there was light and it was coming from strange glowing objects whose shape he could not determine. And they were not alone. A bewildering assortment of beings looked on, some looked as human as himself, while some were creatures of the deep, dolphins and octopi and the like, but still watching and waiting, like the people. Then some were crosses between animals and humans and animals.... And then he noticed a throne with a man and he realised Sally was staring at the man with grim determination. not shocked at all.

'You foolish woman, what have you to say for yourself? Do you understand yet, what it is you have done?' The man thundered at Sally causing, the fronds of many of the plants to move as if there was a strong wind issuing from him. Although some of the plants did not move at all, as if they were made of rock.

Tom realised he was in shock and his mind was drifting and dragged himself back.

'I was doing as my Goddess bade me. I was keeping my promise to her, that I would do her will and find my true love and bare a girl child. That I would raise her in the ways of the Goddess and she would be beloved of the Goddess and achieve great things in her name. And YOU! You tried to stop me at every turn! You thwarted her will! How dare you!' Tom stared at his Sally in surprise. He had known she was his true love but the rest was a surprise. Unflinching in his support of her he moved to her side and stared to, at the man on the throne.

'Did it ever occur to you that Danu herself would choose the time and the place and the happening? That pushing at your wyrd can have unforeseen consequences? I have never been against this child being born. Indeed, I did much to aid you! That storm was never sent to hurt you, or him, but to push you to him!' with frustration much evident, he pushed his green tinged hair away from his face.

'You didn't? but then why are you angry? Why did you take Tom away from me? Why?' and as she spoke she grew quieter and tears began to run down her face, although she never wavered in her gaze.

With a sad look and a softer tone, he spoke again, 'His wyrd is not yours. The sisters always had his thread for that night. There was never any possibility of persuading them otherwise, indeed, he should have died that night from a slow lingering pox. My promise of a storm was all that swayed the sisters otherwise, but you, you were supposed to live on, not join him in the spirit world. The short time you had was enough, enough to see you through and to get you with child.'

'No!' Sally gasped, her hand holding her belly as understanding dawned. Tom reached and grasped her shoulder in support. 'I have ruined it all...' and then she turned and wept in Tom's arms.

'Daughter, with all the knowledge and skill you have gained, with all the gifts you have been given, you should know that souls dance through time. What is done is done, but the threads it has woven in your soul can be unwoven, if you have the courage. A different path will be walked than the one that had been chosen, a harder path, but one that can right all the wrong that has been done.' He shrugged, sadly.

'What must I do? What of Tom?' she cried.

Tom grasped her firmly and kissed her on the forehead, 'hush now, think not of me. I am here. I walk beside you and I will do what needs to be done, and I will love you always.'

'Your paths will not cross again for many lives, if they ever do again, I can not say. You may never be together as lovers again, although you may meet in spirit form. This is the way of wyrd. He was to be the baby's father in this life, but now, you will still be it's Mother but there will be another father. He is trapped on this wheel until your actions have righted the broken threads. You must find it in yourself to live your lives until the baby is born, in order for your wyrd to bring you together again. Will you go back? Will you be reborn? Will you live for your daughter, whenever wyrd brings her into being again?'

Sally bowed her head before looking up 'I will do what must be done.'

'And you? What will you do?' Lir stared at Tom deeply.

'I would support my Sally in any way I can. I would be there for her and help her, even if it means I shall never see her again in my own living body. What can I do?' Tom spoke quietly and firmly.

Lir thought for a moment 'So be it, you can choose to remain here in the spirit world until Sally sets you free by breaking this chain of wyrd, as a spirit you can support her. Be aware, she will be no witch of fullsome talents as she is now, her skills she will learn again from scratch. This life she starts as a blank slate, with no memories from beyond the veil to guide her. She may never rebuild her knowledge, she may never learn to travel the spirit world as she can now. She may never know you are here. She may never free you. Her wyrd may take her on other paths. Danu may withdraw her favour and this child may never be born, or born to another. Is this what you wish?'

'I wish to aid her all i can and if I can do that best from this strange world, then so be it. What must I do?' Tom nodded.

'Being as she is, she still has some life about her. In order to be reborn without her abilities, to start again, she has to die here.' Lir paused sadly and looked between them.

'Then let it be by hand and let it be now.' and with that he reached to his waist, believeing his net knife would be there and finding it, he swiftly drew the blade across her throat. All the while she calmly watched him and let him do it. As she died in his arms, their gaze locked together, their eyes burning with love. And he would not let go, even as her body began to fade from view.

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